What is it?

WAP is a peer to peer support program that is confidential and aims to bolster the resilience of individual employees, teams and the overall organisation to create a healthy and efficient workforce. WAP can be implemented within organisations of any size.

How does it work?

Through the development of a voluntary support network, Workplace Assistance Colleagues (WACs) in the organisation will be trained in effective communication skills and identifying employees needing support. They will also be skilled in referring these employees to external professional support services where required.

Workplace Psychology Services (WPS) will develop and deliver a tailored training package for your organisation. The training is typically two-days in duration however this is flexible depending on the organisation’s preference. We will develop the policies around selection, maintenance and the role of WACs in conjunction with your Human Resources Section. Biennial refresher training for WACs to ensure their ongoing professional development will also be delivered as part of the service.


  • Improvement in morale
  • Bolstering of resilience
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Reduction in workers’ compensation claims and sick leave
  • Increase in workforce retention rates
  • Positive impact on customers of the organisation
  • A healthy and safe workplace

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